Outreach: Local Community and Beyond

Our Church gives about 20% of the money donated to various parts of our Church to causes outside our Church.

We provide "prayer quilts" to people needing comfort. Each knot in the quilt is tied in conjunction with a prayer for the recipient's wellbeing, or healing,

We take special offerings for disasters and special needs around the world.

Women's Ministry

The Women's Christian Ministry (WCM) is the largest ministry at Kingsland Community Church. It is involved in every facet of our Church life such as providing donations to other community charities, decorating and remodeling the facilities, serving bereavement meals at funerals and hosting church activities.

The WCM has a General Meeting monthly from September through May. Two circles, smaller groups, also meet monthly from September through May. Both the WCM and the circles have well planned, Bible based programs at each meeting.

Men's Ministry

The Men's Fellowship meets monthly, September through May, on the first Tuesday at 8am for breakfast. At each meeting there is a Bible based program and lots of good fellowship.

Money collected by the group is donated to a children's charity annually, at Christmas time.

Sunday School

Adults and children have Sunday School each week at 9:45 am

Walk to Emmaus

The Walk to Emmaus is a multi-denominational, spiritual renewal movement participated in by several churches, including Kingsland Community Church. The "Walk" consists of a weekend retreat intended to be a time set apart to experience God’s amazing grace and to renew your walk with Jesus in a relaxed setting and to return to your church, home and workplace with renewed resolve to be the disciple that God has called you to be.

Persons interested in attending should contact the church office.